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Mary Jim Ailor (256) 658-2718

About Me (Main Menu)

Thanks for visiting my website! I'm Mary Jim Ailor, a 56 year old Christian lady who really loves to work with others to help them out. I have 25 years of experience working one-on-one with people through kitchen designing, appliance sales, garage sales, and now estate sales. I have been told that I am a great person to talk to and a very hard worker. I will work from sun up to sun down to get a job done on time. When I am not tying up loose ends you can find me at the Manna House serving dinner to the less fortunate people. I want to help YOU tie up your loose ends.

Mary Jim (MJ)

My Family

I'm married to Keith Ailor, a Systems Engineer at COLSA Corporation and we have 2 grown children, Matthew Reed Wilkins, 31 and Sarah Jane Wilkins, 29. Matt received his PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder in May, 2014. Matt began his post-doctorial work during the fall of (2014) at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Sarah graduated in December, 2011, with a Veterinary Technician's degree from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee and is now employed at a Veterinary Clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are all animal lovers. We have a 10 year old golden retriever named Mattie and a 8 year old long-haired black cat named Angel (affectionately known by Keith as "Kitty Lovin"). We now have a 6 year old black flat haired retriever who is named Angus.

dutch and mattie Education

I graduated from Huntsville, High School.

I attended The University of North Alabama.

I have a degree in Interior Design from Virginia College in Birmingham/Huntsville, Alabama.


My husband and I attend First United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. When I'm not tying up loose ends for others, I'm very involved in several other activities such as collecting clothes for Manna House for less fortunate people.

Manna House Volunteer Work

Angie and I work as volunteers at Manna House every Thursday night to make huge pots of soup and lots of sandwiches, distribute clothing, bag dog food, or whatever we can to help those people in need. Manna House is a wonderful charity that helps the homeless and people in need to get food, clothing, hygiene products, house hold items, dog food, or just a pray for life to get better. Manna House helps people without any questions. I feel very blessed to be able to work with Fran in her mission to help everyone. Since Angie and I have been making food to be distributed at Manna House, we have been asking for our customers to bring us onions, canned foods, peanut butter, etc. I also collect personal hygiene items, clothing, blankets, baby clothes, furniture, or anything that you want to give me to help others.

Mary Jim and her former business associate Beth Morse were featured on the News Channel 19 "Pay It Forward" segment for their work with Manna House.

My Company (Main Menu)

We were sitting in my sister Jane's kitchen in Birmingham when I ran the idea by her and she proclaimed it to be "an AWESOME idea." My husband started rambling off catchy business names that lent themselves to organizing and selling things. He then said "Loose Ends By MJ" and that became the name for my new business venture.


I guess you could say that my business grew out of necessity. In November of 2008, my brother-in-law was paralyzed from the chest down in an automobile accident. My sister enlisted my help to liquidate those items he could no longer use. Necessity really is the Mother of Invention.


My business is headquartered out of my home which is located at 705 Cleermont Dr., Huntsville, Alabama 35801. Look for the burgundy Toyota Highlander, white Ford Econoline van, gold Honda Odyssey van or my husband's Ford Expedition with the "Loose Ends By MJ" advertising on the them.

Where I Advertise

Scheduled Events

Important! Please note that at one of my estate sales, we sold out of all estate sale items prior the last day of the estate sale.   This is the first time this has ever happened. Please keep in mind that this could occur again at a future estate sale. I want to say THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers!



We cannot always assist you in loading large items. Please be aware of this and bring the appropraite help with you. We will charge a $20 courtesy fee (to be divided by my helpers that assist you) for certain items if we have to help you load them. Items which include a loading fee will be clearly marked.

TWO SALES, The week of February 14 - February 18!

Jones Valley Drive    ESTATE SALE!   Huntsville, Alabama!

Call: Stacie at 803-354-293three to reserve items in this sale. This is a beautiful 3-story house with furniture and collectibles on all levels. We have end tables, antiques, chairs, armoires, designer jewelry, purses, and more. We have an exquisite Henredon dining table with 10 chairs and 2 leaves, Thomasville 4 post bed, Alma desk and console, a gorgeous floor-length mirror, and so much more amazing furniture. We have size 11 women's shoes, and men's size large, pants 44 regular/30 L, shoes 10.5. Men's designer suits and tuxedos. Household full of linens, china, crystal, fox hat, fox muff-Hat and coat, mink stole, vases and more. This is a sale you have to come to see all the amazing finds. See you at the sale! So remember:
Bring a truck
bring some boxes
and bring a friend to help carry it all off!

Visit EstateSales.NET

In my company's effort to give back to the community, we place a donation jar at the check-out table. All monies collected in our Charity Jar during each sale will help Manna House, unless the home owner specifies another local charitable organization. Donations to Manna House help to provide food, diapers, clothing and much more to those less fortunate people in Huntsville, Alabama.

Location: Jones Valley Drive
                Huntsville, Alabama 35802

Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Date: Friday, February 17, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2017
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Click on the G o o g l e icon for directions to the sale.

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Sequoia Street   ESTATE SALE!   Athens, Alabama!

Call: Delores at 256-509-067three to reserve items in this sale. This basement rancher has had everything moved to the main floor for easy shopping. This is a 1-day only sale, Saturday 8:00-noon. We have items from the ladies antique booth of small items to furniture items. We have the whole main floor of 3 bedrooms and garage full of tables of items, furniture, clothes, jewelry and so much more. See you at the sale! So remember:
Bring a truck
bring some boxes
and bring a friend to help carry it all off!

Visit EstateSales.NET

In my company's effort to give back to the community, we place a donation jar at the check-out table. All monies collected in our Charity Jar during each sale will help Manna House, unless the home owner specifies another local charitable organization. Donations to Manna House help to provide food, diapers, clothing and much more to those less fortunate people in Huntsville, Alabama.

Location: Sequoia Street
                Athens, Alabama 35613

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2017
Time: 8:00 a.m. to noon

Click on the G o o g l e icon for directions to the sale.

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We appreciate you following! As always, we appreciate you giving us time to get set up prior to each sale, the morning of the sale!

Services (Main Menu)

My Helpers (Main Menu)

I have a wonderful crew of friendly, hard-working, honest and funny helpers. After working their regular jobs all week long, they show up to help me at my sales. I hope to one day have a sale so big that I would have to use all of my helpers at once. I really do appreciate all of them! I depend on their help and wisdom. I'd like to introduce you to my helpers; let's get started. "Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner..."

A special "Thank You" to the mother-daughter dynamic-duo!


Angie and Madison

My Husband

Let me introduce you to my husband, Keith Ailor. Keith is my silent partner in the business and is constantly coming up with ways to improve my business processes. He's the tall redhead wearing glasses that works in the garage/outside; and no, his big kerosene heater is NOT for sale. When he's not helping me he's usually fishing at Lake Guntersville or building something useful.


Let me introduce you to Charlie's Mom, otherwise known as Jean. Jean is THE cashier extraordinaire. During the week, Jean can be found working the Check In Desk at the Crestwood Hospital Emergency Room. Charlie is married to Jennifer, Donna's daughter. This making Jean my adopted sister. Jennifer is a registered nurse at the Surgery Center and a very caring person. You may find Jennifer as my casher some when Jean can't do it.

My Mom

Let me introduce you to my Mother. She is an extraordinary cook. Getting invited to dinner at the Reed's house is like winning the lottery. Faye has been married to Jim Reed for 65 years! She enjoys keeping abreast of all things political. Mom enjoys visiting her middle daughter Jane Ross in Birmingham, whenever she can hang up the Loose Ends apron for a few days. Jane is married to Neil, an Aussie, and they have 2 boys, Heath, 21 and Ian, 19.

My Dad

Let me introduce you to my Dad. He loves all kinds of hunting, especially for deer. He is also an avid fisherman of several species. Jim has been married to Faye Reed for 65 years. Dad helps out during an occasional sale. He is the one with the silver hair. My dad is awesome with the bar-b-que grill and is an excellent chef, too. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that he's a Master Gardener. If Dad is not helping me, you're sure to find him outside doing something.

My Sister

Let me introduce you to my sister, Donna. She helps indoors at my sales with furniture, china, books and linens, etc. Some know her as Mrs. Payne retired 1st grade teacher at Blossomwood.

Angie and Daughter

Let me introduce you to Angie. Our bubbly energetic blonde-haired right-hand woman who helps me tremendously. You can find Angie at the cash register, straightening up the tables or organizing the sale. With Angie we got Madison, aka the "Princess" her daughter, who has been a great asset to the business with her organizational skills. Both Angie and Madison are active in their church, the Rock and volunteers at Manna House.

Kellie's and Daughters

Let me introduce you to Kellie. She is our organizing, eager-to-please cashier. You will find Kellie at the cash register or staging tables with merchandise. We feel privileged to have her daughters Hanna and Haley work with us when they are in town and need them.

The Twins; Kim and Jodi

Let me introduce you to the twins; Kim and Jodi. These two wonderful Christian ladies showed at one of my sales in SW Huntsville before the tornado last year and have followed me ever since. So, I have put them to work helping me. You may do a double-take when you see them. Kim is the one with the longer hair and Jodi has shorter hair.

Kirsten and Daughters

Let me introduce my best cashier Kirsten, whom I can count on for her totals always being correct. With Kirsten we are lucky to have her 3 daughters to fill in to help whenever we need them or when they are in town from Mississippi State.

Roxanne and Son

Let me introduce Roxanne, one of my best lead people. She always has a smile on her face and is a joy to be around. With Roxanne, we just gained her son Seth who helps us on Saturdays.


Irmie is our wonderful German helper with knowledge of German items.

Donna L.

Donna L. is our newest helper who loves staging the kitchens.


Wanda is our wonderful cashier who helps us when she's not at her regular job.

More Awesome Helpers

Satisfied Folks (Main Menu)

Every client I've worked for has been highly satisfied. Happy clients follow.

The Mauldin's

"I just wanted to thank you for a great sale. You and your staff were very helpful in getting my "stuff" sold. After the sale and walking into the empty house was a little overwhelming. You all did a great job of cleaning up after the sale."

Sue Mauldin and Family


"It was an absolute pleasure to buy from you, can't thank you enough for the beautiful fur coats I bought Looking forward to seeing you in the future."


The Kelly's

"Just wanted to let you know that Mary Jim helped my family with an Estate Sale this past weekend. As some of you know my Mom has downsized and moved out of the family home. After we divided up what we wanted there was tons left and we also added some stuff of our own.

In other words it was a mess! Mary Jim guided us through the process and as Mary Alice commented was quick and efficient!

If you ever need any help I thoroughly recommend Mary Jim and her group!"

Caroline Kelly
Development Director
Burritt on the Mountain

The Turner's

Since my brother and I live out of town, we could not do the clean out of my Mom's hmontrose space station 5ouse. MJ packed up the items we wanted and shipped them to us, then ran an estate sale to move the rest of the items out of the house. She cleaned the house ready for it to go on the market. Thanks for tieing up our loose ends. You made the transition easy. I could not have done it with out you.

The Hollman's

Mrs. Hollman hired me to do a living estate sale of her husband's tools and automobiles. She was elated when I sold 5 cars in 3 hours!

The Johnston's

I just wanted her to clean out my Dad's house, but by her running an estate sale, they paid me to get rid of the household items. Thanks for the wonderful work. Job well done.

The Reese's

MJ managed an estate sale for us after the passing of a family member. We were very pleased with the way everything was handled. MJ was easy to work with. She listens and remembers and is patient; all very good qualities to have when working with people trying to tie up loose ends!

The Reese Family

The Call's

You rock! Despite the short amount of time that we had to prepare, you and your team pulled the sale together and we were very pleased. Professional and kind, thank you for a positive experience during a difficult time.

Kitty and Steve Call

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I would love to tie up your Loose Ends. Please feel free to contact me if you have something that needs taking care of.

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(256) 658-2718

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Send general questions to MJ at:

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